Green Bonds

The financial sector has a role to play in creating a better environment by providing new funding solutions. Realkredit Danmark launched its first green mortgage bond in March 2019.  

Why green bonds? 

Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing our planet and it poses major environmental, economic and societal risks. Consequently, society needs the financial sector to come up with financial solutions that will help limit global warming. At Danske Bank Group, we believe it is imperative that global warming is kept well below 2° C which requires deep emission reductions globally.

Green Bond Framework

The green mortgage bonds issued by Realkredit Danmark are issued within the Danske Bank Group Green Bond Framework.

This framework:

  • Defines the loans or investments eligible to be funded by the proceeds of green bonds issued by Danske Bank A/S and its subsidiaries
  • Outlines the process used to identify, select and report on eligible loans
  • Outlines how the management of Green Bond proceeds is organised.

The terms and conditions contained in the underlying documentation for each issued Green Bond will specify the actual terms of the instruments.

As both the Green Bond Principles and the green financing market overall are evolving rapidly, this Green Bond Framework may be further updated or expanded.

Green Bond Framework

Green facts

Since 2018 Sustainalytics has made an annual evaluation of the  Danske Bank Group Green Bond Framework and is of the opinion that the Framework is “credible and impactful and aligns with the four core components of the Green Bond Principles 2018”.

Second party opinion, March 2020
Commercial properties in Denmark with EPC A and B

Second party opinion, April 2019
Study on commercial properties in Denmark with EPC A-label

Providing green lending to our clients is an important part of our commitment to make a positive contribution to the societies we are part of and would not be possible without our investors. The below reports provide an overview of our green lending developments and the allocation of funds, as well as the estimated positive environmental impact achieved by the use of proceeds from these issuances.

Green Bond Report 2021

Green Bond Impact Report 2020

Green Bond Impact Report 2019

Please find below our ESG reports on Climate change and Society.

ESG report on Climate change, May 2020
ESG report on Society, May 2020

Realkredit Danmark launches the second GHG report. The report is based on the principles laid down by Finance Denmark’s “Framework for Financed Emissions Accounting – Principles and methods”.
The model is developed in participation with member institutions and in dialogue with several stakeholders and experts from Denmark and abroad.
The reports are based on end-of-year data.

Please find the reports here:

GHG report 2021

GHG report 2020

Do you have any questions?

Do you need additional information or do you have any questions? Please reach out to our Bond Investor Contact Hella Gebhardt Rønnebæk: phone +45 45 13 20 68 or mail