Realkredit Danmark is holding auctions on mortgage covered bonds several times a year when FlexLån® and floating rate mortgages are refinanced.

Auctions 2023 overview

Please look at the auctions 2023 overview here

Auctions information

Auctions to be held from 6 to 10 February 2023.

Final auction amounts updated here.

See the results of the auctions from 6 to 10 February 2023 in the links below. 

Links to be updated during auctions.

Link: Results by bond

Link: Results by date

Prior to the refinancing auctions, a number of mortgage owners redeemed their mortgage. Please see link for further information on these mortgages.

In the links below, the terms and conditions of the auctions are described.

DK version:

Vilkår for Realkredit Danmarks auktioner 6.- 10. februar 2023

UK version:

Terms and conditions of Realkredit Danmark's auctions to be held 6-10 February 2023

Links to be updated no later than 3 February 2023.


If you need additional information, please contact:  Hella Gebhardt Rønnebæk Phone: + 45 4513 2068 , e-mail: