Realkredit Danmark is holding auctions on mortgage covered bonds several times a year when FlexLån® and floating rate mortgages are refinanced.

Auctions 2021 overview

Please look at the auctions 2021 overview here

Auctions information

You will find the detailed auction information including:

  • Dates
  • Timeschedule
  • ISINcodes
  • Expected amounts to be sold 

Auction plan 8 - 12 February 2021
Final auction plan to be announced early February.
Final auction amounts

Results - 8-12 February 2021
See the result of the auctions in the links below:

Links to be updated during auctions 

Auction result - by bond
Auction result - by date 

For further information on the remortgaging activity, see link.

Auction principle, allocation principle, value date, cut-off, IPMO period and more are set out in the auction.

Terms and conditions - Auctions 8-12 February 2021

DK version: Vilkår for Realkredit Danmarks auktioner 8.-12. februar 2021

UK version: Terms and conditions of Realkredit Danmark's auctions to be held 8-12 February 2021


If you need additional information, please contact:  Hella Gebhardt Rønnebæk Phone: + 45 4513 2068 , e-mail: