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Danish covered bonds are considered to be prime mortgages of very high quality, which makes them very secure assets for investors. And due to the high liquidity and trading volume it is a preferred asset for portfolio management - both for short term and long term investments.

For this reason danish covered banks provide mortgage lending at very reasonable costs as covered bonds are their only funding vehicle.

This has led to a persisting demand from owners of real property in Denmark for mortgage lending rendering the danish covered bonds market the largest in the world compared to GDP and the second largest in Europe in absolute terms only exceeded by the German pfandbrief-market.

Below we have selected documents on danish covered bonds in general and on Realkredit Danmark bonds that are most relevant for a new investor. 

Selected documents

Realkredit Danmark publishes the publication Danish covered bonds. The publication describes the Danish mortgage credit market and its bonds.

A thorough description of the Danish mortgage credit system is given including the history, basic principles, security aspects and legal framework.

Find the publication here on Danish covered bonds  

Realkredit Danmark’s bonds are top rated by S&P Global, Fitch Ratings as well as Scope Ratings.

See our bond rating

Each quarter Realkredit Danmark offers an update on the performance of mortgage collateral supporting our mortgage bonds and mortgage covered bonds. 

Read our ECBC reports

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