Why we ask questions and request proof of identity

At Realkredit Danmark, we have great focus on fighting financial crime. You will also notice this as a customer. Like all financial businesses in the EU, we are, in fact, obliged to comply with the ‘Know Your Customer’ rules. This means that we must be able to document who our customers are and that we understand our customers’ sources of income.
We understand that you might feel inconvenienced or even irritated when we ask you for information and/or a copy of your proof of identity. But just as the security checks at an airport ensure that all travellers can enjoy a safe flight, it is both necessary and in the best interests of us all that we comply with the regulations and keep the information we have about our customers up to date.
What do we need to know about our customers?
First of all, we have an obligation to document the identity of our customers, for example with a copy of a passport or driver’s licence. If we do not already have a copy of your proof of identity, we will contact you directly. If your citizenship does not appear from the information we have about you, we will also ask you to provide information about this.
We also need to know whether our customers are politically exposed persons (PEPs) or are closely related to such a person. You do not have to do anything in this connection – we will retrieve the information ourselves via the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority’s publicly available PEP lists. What makes a person classify as a PEP? Read more about this in the Questions and answers section below. 
We also need to understand how you repay your loans
We ask about, for example, your sources of income, your expectations for payments on your mortgage and whether you expect to make extraordinary instalments or perhaps redeem your loan in full. We also ask you whether you receive payments from abroad and from which countries any such payments come. In some cases, we may also need to ask about your assets.
What specifically does this mean for you?
In practical terms, there will be no significant implications for the majority of our customers. In the majority of cases, we already have the information we need, but if we need some information or if we require a copy of your proof of identity we will of course contact you.
Please note that during the time that you are a customer with Realkredit Danmark you will be contacted several times. This is because we have an obligation to update the information we have on our customers on a regular basis.