Opening of new fixed-rate bonds

Company Announcement number 16/2022 - 7 February 2022

Realkredit Danmark will open new callable fixed-rate mortgage covered bonds (SDRO) with the following characteristics:



Coupon Series Amortisation  Closing date Maturity
2.00% 22S Annuity  31-08-2023 01-10-2043
 2.50%27SAnnuity with option on up
to 10 years interest only 
 2.50%28SAnnuity with option on up
to 30 years interest only
31-08-2023 01-10-2053 


The mortgage covered bonds will be issued in DKK from Capital Centre S. 

The mortgage covered bonds will be used to fund loans with maturities up to 20 years and 30 years, respectively.

The final terms of the bonds will be published by announcement of prospectus as soon as they are available.

The Executive Board

Any additional questions should be addressed to Chief analyst, Hella Gebhardt Rønnebæk, phone +45 45 13 20 68.