Final amounts of mortgage covered bonds series 10F and 10G to be put on auction

Company Announcement number 97/2022 - 3 November 2022

Realkredit Danmark hereby announces the final amounts of mortgage covered bonds (SDRO) to be put on auction for the refinancing of FlexLån® as of 1 January 2023.

The exact terms and conditions of the auctions regarding FlexLån® are set out in the appendix.

In addition, Realkredit Danmark will refinance approx. DKK 230m FlexLån® with Government guarantee in series 10A. The mortgage covered bonds (SDRO) will be sold on Thursday 24 Novem-ber 2022 at 11.30 am. Interested parties may contact RD Funding on the phone number mentioned below. 

The Executive Board

Any additional questions should be addressed to Head of RD Funding, Christian Rosenstand, phone +45 45 13 20 19.